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Creators of Signature Art Events

We produce signature art events that celebrate the beauty of art while enhancing the patron experience.

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SCOPE Events is a full-service event production company that works in partnership with non-profit foundations, city management, and independent producers to create some of the nation's leading art events. 

Our team members have decades of experience and have helped to achieve the status of "Leading Art Festivals in the Nation" for multiple events, for multiple years. 

In addition to art festivals, we produce a variety of art-related events in venues of all sizes for the purpose of fund raising, entertainment and civic pride.

We invite you to learn more about our unique capabilities to help you bring your event to the next level.



Paul Andersen

Kathleen Hughes
Executive Director

Anil Pisharody

Paul is a media and events professional with decades of experience creating and managing media companies, non-profit organizations, fund raising events and public-work projects. 

Paul has managed some of the nations leading art festivals and been involved in countless art-related projects.

Kat is an Event Director with 20+ years of experience in development of events, increasing annual event revenues, raising brand awareness and credibility.

Kat has extensive expertise in all aspects of event planning and management.

Anil has over 30 years experience in Accounting & related functions. His experience includes CFO of publicly listed companies and he has set-up and run small businesses in the United States for over 18 years.

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Current Events


The Sausalito Art Festival

SCOPE Events has contracted with the Sausalito Art Festival Foundation to produce the annual Sausalito Art Festival.

The event typically includes 230+ artists from around the nation and is held over Labor Day Weekend.

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La Quinta Art Celebration

SCOPE Events has contracted with the City Of La Quinta to produce it's annual art event. 

Typically held in March, the event attracts visitors from account the nation and includes over 200 artists from around the nation.

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PO Box 104

La Quinta, CA 92247

phone: 760.628.7770

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